How to Build a PC – DIY

Many people have started building their own PC’s, realizing that desktops are much cheaper if they are put together at home. These days it’s easy to order the parts online, and at a much better rate. There are simple guides that can aid someone in putting together all the pats, and some will come already together. The good news is that with the amount of data on Google and YouTube, DIY projects such as this are becoming more and more common.

Building a computer is a lot easier than it sounds. It’s not it’s being built from scratch, after all. Today all the parts come already made and can be ordered easily online. A person who wants to build a computer at home first needs a box, then a motherboard, processor, memory, a hard drive, power supply, monitor, mouse, keyboard, and a few other things. Overall the process is rather simple.

                  Things Needed for Building a PC


The box is the outer part of the desktop computer that everyone sees. It doesn’t have a lot to do with the processing itself, but the box of a desktop computer is still one of the most important parts. Some boxes will come with their own power supply, while others must have a PSU placed in them.


The monitor is the part of the computer that displays all the information. Those that are going for more of an entertainment or gaming PC will want a bigger monitor with better specs, but for those that are simply putting together a custom office desktop, standard monitors will do fine.


The processor is what gives the computer its processing speed. The Central Processing Unit, or CPU, does the computations for the computer. A nice graphics card and a lot of RAM will help a computer run smooth, but without a fast processor it will only be able to do so much. The CPU is one of the most important investments into a computer that someone is going to make. Intel i7 is the latest CPU series from Intel, and from AMD there is the AMD FX.


The motherboard is like the train station of the computer, where all other components meet and come together. The motherboard has lots of slots and connections designed to allow the different components of the computer to work alongside one another. Because the motherboard is what the different parts plug into, so at the end of the day it will determine what components are compatible with someone’s PC.


The memory, or RAM, of a computer is important because it allows a computer to run more smoothly. A computer with more memory can run more programs at the same time, and will also boot up faster and switch between programs quicker.

Hard Drive

The hard drive of a computer is where all the files are stored. A computer stores movies, documents, music, and everything else onto its hard drive, where it stores them to access them later. This is one of the most important parts in building a computer because more hard drive storage means more files can be stored onto a computer. Those who are wanting to store lots of movies on their desktop will want a lot of memory.

Other Hardware

Other hardware that is used in building a computer are the mouse, keyboard, and the power supply unit (PSU). Each of these parts plays a vital role in the desktop computer coming together. The graphics card is also very important because it allows better graphics to be displayed, and for them to run smoother as well.

Each of these components must be  ordered in order to build a computer, but once they are all in-hand, putting the computer together is a piece of cake.

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