How to Do a Background Check Online Before Your Date

Online dating has grown in the past few years into a big industry worth billions of dollars, where people search addresses and names of people that could be a match to their own on a dating site. Surveys have suggested that it is the second most common method a person uses to try and find a companion. The most common way is still the time-honored introduction by a friend.

This may be hard to believe but studies suggest that people who have met online have had happier married lives than those who met their significant others through more usual means. That means that at least one-third of all marriages in the United States are happy marriages since that’s the portion of all married couples who have met online.

Dating Goes Online.

There are 80 million people on dating apps like Tinder, eHarmony, Match and other dating sites. This shows that there is a shift on how many people try to meet other people, from the conventional to online. It is no surprise, because with the number of people who are using the internet, it makes your chances of finding someone compatible with your tastes bigger than before. And also, dating online can be a way for you to have a sneak peek at your prospective girlfriend or boyfriend’s behavior before you take it to the next step.

Looking at Who They Are.

But still, there are people who have been duped by their online dates. These people have been tricked out of money and humiliated, just because somebody from another part of the country using a dating site is bored. This is why many are being more careful with what they give their online date and often search for information about their date before agreeing to meet.

It’s always better to err on the side of caution even if you feel that you can handle anything. For those who like being cautious, here are some ways to run a background check online.

Using Search Engines.

Google probably has the biggest repository of public information in the civilian world so starting your search using the biggest search engine makes a lot of sense. Because of the trillions of pages of information on Google, you could be pleasantly surprised by what you will find if you look hard enough. They may not give you the actual information that you need but you can cross-reference information to find what you need.

Using Social Media Sites.

When you look at a person’s social media profile, it will give you details like their hobbies, interests and list of friends. Facebook is still the largest social media site in the world so you might want to start your search there. However, if you feel that this is not enough there is another way.

Use Background Check Apps.

There are a lot of them on the Internet so you will have to be extra careful you don’t choose a shady one. The best one available on the market is Kiwi Searches. This website allows you to search for information regarding a person using just the name. Since the service has a very large database, there is a good chance that your search will net a hit. Find out more about us. Visit our website  now.

Lookup Phone Numbers The Easy Way

There comes a time, at least once in our lives, when we may need to reverse lookup a phone number or do searches for people online. Yeah, it happens every time. The phone starts ringing. Before you pick it up, you notice that you actually don’t recognize the number. You are then presented with two options; pick it up and risk the call being a prank call or sales call, or simply ignore the call. It isn’t easy to make the call whether to pick up or not. Even the large corporations, with their state-of-the-art phone system and algorithms to filter out bad calls, still end up with a lot of spam calls in their queue. Granted it is obnoxious, but it is effective nonetheless.

Who Needs to Use Reverse Phone Lookup?

However, even if you decide not to pick up the phone and connect the call, you are still probably wondering who it was and where the call came from. This is precisely why reverse phone lookup can be such a useful tool. It is quick and easy to do, and you can find out if the number is from someone you know, a business that is trying to contact you or just plain spam.

How Do you Use The Service?

Most people, like parents, use it to get the details of the phone number calling or texting their kids. Of course, they would want to know the identity of the number’s owner to make sure that their child is not getting duped by a predator or a pedophile. Another way to use reverse phone lookup is to find out the address of a business or a medical practice, with details from a piece of paper with only a person’s name and number listed.

Why Search with Google First?

Many of these services may require a fee. Or, if they are free, some will give you only the barest minimum of information for the number being searched. This may be a function of the size of the database these services have. A smaller database gets only a few hits for every thousand search requests because, well, the database contains little data. Not Google.

Google, as the world’s biggest Internet search engine, has trillions upon trillions of active webpages to draw information from. This is why it’s always a good idea to look up a phone number using Google first. There’s always a good chance that you’ll get a hit with Google.

If Push comes to Shove.

If Google doesn’t deliver, then you can now use reverse phone lookup services. The top ones, such as Kiwi Searches, have huge databases that virtually guarantees a hit when you reverse lookup a number. Kiwi Searches also has the advantage of having an easy-to-use interface with little fluff, so navigation is very simple. Don’t wait for the spam calls to drive you insane with repeating calls. Find out about our service by visiting our website  right now!